What about eStatements? Let us help you make every penny count.

MedLook supports two separate services for electronic statements (eStatements). This includes BillFlash and BestBill. While many users continue to mail their own statements there are some very good rea$on$ to do otherwise. Yep, you guessed it – money. Consider the costs to generate statements in the office. If you purchase from Amazon (as of March 1, 2016):

Medical self-seal envelopes, a box of 500 for $52.00. That’s 10 cents per envelope.

Clean seal security envelopes, a box of 500 for $32.78.? That’s 6 cents per return envelope.

Laser Print Paper, Ream of 500 for $5.50. That’s 1 cents per page.

One US postage stamp cost 49 cents.

Envelopes, paper and postage costs alone are $1.18 per statement. This does not include the cost for ink/toner, wear and tear on the printer, and time spent folding, stuffing, sealing, and mailing the statements. This can easily add another 10 to 20 cents per statement.

Total cost per patient statement is about $1.38 per statement…..

eStatements provide convenience along with time and labor savings all while providing cost savings. The economy is tough and we’re being pushed to save every penny we can wherever we can.

Let us help you make every penny count.

Pricing list is attached.

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