To begin you will need to launch the home page (below) and log in using the user name and password provided below.

When you have logged into the homepage you will need to click on the icon of a computer screen with the caption "Fagerman Medlook4." Once you click that icon your computer will download the file required to run MedLook Online. Run the download, and enter the same user name and password as before.

For Mac users you will need to click here for a special set of instructions on logging into MedLook Online.

The login is:
The password is: 03Nov2015

Click to launch the Medlook Online home page

Once you have logged into MedLook Online click on the MedLook icon and get a feel for the software. Use right click and double click if in doubt.

There is only one demo account and many people may try to access it at the same time. The first one in wins. Please take your time and preview the product. Any data sets you may see are fictitious. Do not enter any real patient data as it will be retained for the next demo. This account functions just like an actual user account. Because we do not monitor this account every hour it is possible that a user may leave the account in a mess. If so, please contact us and we will correct it. It only takes a moment. You can always resume with the initial sample data using File::Sample Database once you are in MedLook.