MedLook, medical billing software

MedLook, Medical Billing Software

Affordable, feature packed medical billing software solution for your practice

If you are looking for medical billing software, medical practice management software, electronic medical claims software, medical document management, or EMR / EHR functionality you are in the right place. For more information take a look at the information below, check out our Product pages, or read [MORE]...

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  • posted Monday, October 27 2014 by taylor

    When in the Payment tab, you can edit any field of a payment after it has already been entered. You canít, however, enter a new amount less than the amount already entered. Random Fact: The Japanese used the Bubonic plague as a bio-warfare weapon against the Chinese in the 1940s.

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  • Tip of the Week

    posted Monday, October 13 2014 by taylor

    Using Filters gives a great amount of versatility when organizing patients, facilities, and insurance carriers. This also greatly assists when creating reports and batch billing. Filters can be used to organize content by last or first name, account number, DOB, etc. You also have the ability to create different filters for different users. You can choose or swap between these filters from a drop down menu. Random Fact: In 1934, thousands of Americans from New York attended a pro-Nazi rally to convince the U.S. to remain neutral on Hitler.

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